Cru is Authenticity

Products Include

Exclusive line of Beluga, Royal, Imperial caviar

Cru is the only brand that proposes single caviar Cru.

Cru {krü} is a noun that means “that which grows in a region.” We’ve borrowed this enologic term because our mission is that of divulging high-quality caviar culture, looking to impart the importance and origin of each product, of the territory and of the microclimate in which the sturgeon live. Our farms enjoy unique pedoclimatic conditions. Our tradition in caviar has led us to promoting a deeper understanding of what is a symbol of exclusivity in the kitchen.

Our 4 farms and international selections

CRU Caviar is the result of History, Experience, and Passion converging. In 1972 the Bettinazzi family, farmers for three generations, undertook aquafarming, carefully following each step of the fish’s development with extreme dedication. In 1995 the company decided to focus its farming on Sturgeon, setting up various sites with unique microclimatic characteristics that exist in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. Each farm is unique, composed of uncontaminated waters and different species of sturgeon, from which we produce 4 different CRU caviars as well as versatile products made with pure caviar.

Cru is Expertise

Renzo Zanin

The history of Italian Caviar and of our Caviar Master, Renzo Zanin, began in 1997 with the first production of caviar, produced by sturgeon bred and raised in Italy. Thanks to his expertise, Renzo Zanin is today one of the top Caviar experts internationally. Each Cru Caviar product is the fruit of his careful selection, precise salting and a constant and meticulous check on quality at each step of production.

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