100% Cryo-dried White Truffle.

Truffle magic meets technology.

All the unmistakable flavour of the truffle is always available, even out of season, through a process that maintains all its organoleptic characteristics unaltered.

Use tips: Crumble the slices directly over warm dishes and wait two-three minutes before tasting it, so that the steam of the dish re-hydrates the slices and the truffle can release its flavors. Try it on any kind of pasta, especially with egg pasta dressed with butter, oil or a cheese sauce, on risotto, vegetable soups, cheese fondue, eggs, potatoes and all dishes that best suit with fresh truffle. We suggest to use the product with delicate recipes, to enhance the truffle flavor at its best.

Ingredients: White Truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico)

Weight 2.5g

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